The football season is in full swing, and this means that the players are already in high demand. This is especially true for the best players in the world. The top 10 best football players in this season are:
1. Lionel Messi of Barcelona. The Argentine is the best player in the Old Continent. He has already scored 30 goals and has won the Champions League.
2. Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal. The Portuguese player is the top scorer in the Premier League and the Champions Cup. He also has won several trophies.
3. Thiago Silva of Brazil. The Brazilian has already won the FIFA World Cup and the Confederations Cup.
4. Zinedine Zidane of France. The Frenchman is the world’s best goalkeeper.
5. Lionel Andres Tarsono of Argentina. The player is a great striker. He scored a lot of goals.
6. Diego Costa of Chelsea. The Costa is a top scorer of the Premier league and the Europa League. He is also a great defender.
7. Thierry Henry of Arsenal. The Gunners striker scored a great number of goals in the English Premier league.
8. Sergio Aguero of Manchester City. The City player is one of the best strikers in the history of the club.
9. Neymar of Barcelona is a fantastic player. He scores a lot and has already become the best scorer in Brazil.
10. Thorgan Hazard of Chelsea is a very good player. The Belgian is a brilliant goalkeeper. He won the Premier club championship and the FA Cup. Hazard is also the top goalscorer of the English Championship.
The best football player in each of the following competitions is:
* Champions League;
* Europa League;
* League Cup;
* Premier League.
The top 10 players of the season are listed below:
• Messi;
• Ronaldo;
· Tarson;
● Zidanes;
● Costa;
• Hazard;
• Henry;

This list is not complete, and there are many more players who are in the list. The list of the top 10 football players is updated regularly.
Of course, the list of best footballers is not the only list of players. There are many other lists, which are updated regularly, too.

1st Place: Lionel Messi
2nd Place: Cristiano
3rd Place: Thiago
4th Place: Zidani
5th Place : Hazard
6th Place : Henry
7th Place -8th Place::: Zinedines
9th Place:-: Tarson
10th Place
1: Messi
Messi is the Argentinean football player who has scored a record number of 100 goals in a season. He became the top-scorer of the Argentine Primera. He was the top goal scorer for the first time in his career.
Messi’ goal was scored in the first match of the new season of the Primera tournament.
He has scored 30 times in a match.
He has scored the most goals in La Liga.
This season, Messi has become the top player in Argentina.
In the Champions league, Messi is one the best scorers of the tournament. He took part in the tournament for the third time. He managed to score a record-breaking number of 6 goals. He got the record for the most number of hat-tricks in the Champions tournament history.
Also, Messi scored a goal in the final of the Champions club tournament. The goal was a double.
In the World cup, Messi was the best football scorer of Brazil, scoring a record of 6 times.

2: Cristian
Cristiano Ronaldo is the Portuguese football player. This player has won many trophies. He played in the Portuguese national team.
Crisio has won three Portuguese championships. He achieved this by scoring a goal each time.
Ronaldo scored a hat-trick in the European Cup final.
The Portuguese footballer has won two Champions league trophies. In the first one, he was the champion of the year. He had a hat trick in the second one.
His last triumph was in the third place.
At the same time, the Portuguese player has not won any trophy in the international arena.
3: Thiery Henry
The English football player Thyer Henry is a striker. This football player has scored many goals. The English Premier League is the most popular football tournament in the whole world.
Henry has scored 9 goals in one match. He made a hat trick in a game.
Henry has scored 4 goals in European cups.
4: Sergio Aguer
The Argentinean footballer is a goalkeeper. This goalkeeper has won 3 Champions league cups. He saved the champion title of the world once.
Aguero has also won the World Cup. The goalkeeper has saved the tournament once. He did this by saving the penalty kick.
5: Neymar
The Brazilian football player Neymar is a player of the Brazilian national team and the Brazilian Super League. Neymer has scored 15 goals in 15 matches.
Neymar has scored 5 goals in Champions league. He led the tournament in scoring.

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