After the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo, the club’s transfer policy has become more and more focused on the top-rated players. The main goal of the club is to get the best players for the next season.
The transfer campaign of the Old Signora has already been successful, as the club managed to sign several players for free. Among them are:
* Lucas Leiva;
* Josep Guardiola;
* Unai Emery;
* Sergio Busquets;

The club has also managed to get several players from other teams for free, such as:
* Alaves;
* Atletico Madrid;
* Valencia;
For the last season, the team managed to finish in the top 4.
However, the main goal for the club in the next campaign is to win the Champions League.

The new season will bring a lot of changes for the team, as it will be very difficult to fight for the champion title, as many of the competitors have already been eliminated.
In the summer, the Old Man was very active in the transfer market, and the main transfer was the signing of the Spanish star. The player is a good goalkeeper, who is capable of playing in several positions.
After a successful start, the new season promises to be more difficult for the Old Club. The team needs to strengthen its defense and improve its results in the domestic arena.
Barcelona’s Transfer Policy
After Cristiano’s departure, the previous season, Barcelona was very successful in the international arena, as they managed to qualify for the Champions’ League for the first time in a long time.
This season, Messi and Suarez have become the main stars of the team. The Argentinean has already scored more than 100 goals, and Suarez has already managed to score more than 50 goals.
Messi is the main star of the Catalan club, as he is able to score a lot and become the best scorer in the team in a single season. The club has already signed several players who can become the next Messi, such us:
— Griezmann;
— Busquests;
— Llorente;
These players are able to help the team to improve its performance in the Champions’ League. The new season is very important for Barcelona, as its main goal is to qualify to the next stage of the tournament.
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Main Transfer Candidates for the New Season
The team has already started the new transfer campaign, and it is very likely that the main transfers will be made in the summer. The most likely candidates for the new transfers are:
Lionel Messi;
3. Neymar.
It is worth noting that Messi is a very expensive player, and he is not the only one who can be bought for a lot. The price of Messi is around 100 million euros.
At the same time, the Barcelona team is very strong, as there are already several players in the starting lineup who can replace Messi. For example, Suarez is already able to replace the Argentinean, and Griezman is a young player who can help the club to improve the results in La Liga.
Neymar is a player who is very expensive, but he is the best player in the world. The Brazilian has already won the Ballon D’Or, and is considered the best football player in history.
If the team manages to get a player for a price of 100 million, then it is worth considering the following options:
1) Transfer of Messi;
2) Transfer to a club that can buy Messi.
Both options are very interesting for the fans, as a lot will be decided in the future.
Current Situation of Barcelona
The current season is not going to be easy for the Catalan team, because it is already clear that it will not be able to win a champion title. The competition is very high, as Real Madrid, Atletico and Manchester United are already very strong.
Many people believe that Barcelona will not finish in top 4, and this is why the club will have to do a lot to get into the Champions league. The current season has already shown that the team is not able to play in the European arena, and its main task is to finish the championship.
Of course, the current season will be difficult for Messi, as his contract will end in the winter, and many other players will leave the club. The next season will also be very important, as several players will be able leave the team for a better contract.
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Live Results of Basketball Games
The basketball season is in full swing, and fans are waiting for the final rounds of the championship to see the results of the best teams.
Among the main favorites of the season are: Golden State, Cleveland, Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, Portland and Minnesota.
All of them have already managed a good start of the new year, and they are ready to fight it out for the title.

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