Cristiano Ronaldo has been the main star of the Portuguese national team for over a decade. He has won many trophies and is considered one of the best football players of all time. However, he has not always been able to please his fans.

In the last season, the Portuguese player was not the best player of the team, and the results of the matches against the Spanish giants were not the most successful for the team. This is why the Portuguese athlete has not been able for a long time to please all fans. However it is now clear that the player is not the only one who is unhappy with the team’s performance.
The reasons for the player’s problems are many, but the main one is the fact that he is not able to play in the most important matches of the national team. The Portuguese player has won several titles, but he is always in the starting line-up.
It is obvious that the Portuguese star is not happy with his place in the team and does not want to play for the national side. However the club does not have the right to refuse a transfer to another club. The club does have a contract with the player, but it is not clear if he will be able to fulfil his contract.
However, it is clear that Ronaldo is not going to be the only star of Real Madrid that is unhappy about the team’s results.
Real Madrid’sthe main stars of the club
It has been a long and successful history of Real’sconspirations. The team has won the Champions League for several times, and many of its stars have been able in the past to please their fans. Among the most famous of them are:
* Zinedine Zidane;
* Cristiano;
• Florentino Pérez;
* Sergio Ramos.
All of them have left the club, and it is obvious how difficult it is for the club to find new stars. However there are still many stars who are able to make the team a success.
Among the main stars, Cristiano is the most obvious. He is the main player of Real, and he has won a lot of trophies. The player has been playing for the Portuguese team for a number of years now, and his skills have been increasing.
This season, Cristian has become a leader of the Real Madrid team. He was the best scorer of the Champions Cup, and in the last matches, the player managed to score a lot.
Of course, the main thing for Cristian is to win the next Champions League, but his success is not limited to this tournament. The star is able to score many important goals, and this is what he is famous for.
Will Ronaldo leave Real?
It’ssuch time for the fans to have a closer look at the future of the main Portuguese star. It is now obvious that Cristiano will not be able for many years to please the fans of the Spanish club. However he is still able to win many trophies, and even the fans are not against him.
There are many reasons for this. First of all, the club has a contract, and Cristiano has a right to leave the club.
Secondly, the fans have already lost a number one. The last time Ronaldo left the team was in the summer of 2012. This was a mistake, but now he is able again to please fans. The fans are happy with the fact, that the star is playing for Real Madrid, and they are not able for him to leave this club. It’smust be a good decision for the future.
Consequences of Ronaldo leaving Real Madrid
It seems that Cristian will leave Real, but this is not a surprise for the Spanish fans. He left the Spanish team for the first time in the season, and fans were not happy about it. However this is a good thing for the star. The reason for this is that the fans will not lose a lot from the departure of the player.
In addition, the star has a good contract with Real Madrid. The contract is for five years, and there are many options for the contract renewal. The options include:
1. A new contract with a new club. This option is the best for the fan, because the player will not have to leave Madrid for a new contract. The fan will be the main owner of the contract, but there will be a clause that will allow the fan to renew the contract with another club at any time.
2. A free transfer. This will be an option for the Real fans. It will be possible to give the player a new team, but they will have to pay a high price.
3. A loan. This can be a great option for Real fans, because they will be giving the player the chance to win trophies.
4. A buyout. This means that the club will buy the player out of the Madrid team, so he will have a new opportunity to prove himself.
5. A sale. This would be the best option for fans, but will cost a lot to the club and will not please the star, who has already won many titles.
So, it’slikethe fans will have the chance for the renewal of the star’salicetag.

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