Manchester City have long been considered one of the main contenders for the title, but they have recently been losing points. This is not surprising, because the team has been playing with a lot of injuries.
In the summer, the club bought Eden Hazard, who has already made a significant impact. However, the Belgian is not the only newcomer in the team.
Also, the City has bought a number of players who were not part of the previous squad. The most notable of them are:
1. Rondon;
2. Marlon;
3. Yaya Touré.
All of them have been playing in the Premier League for a long time. They have already managed to become a real sensation, and this has already helped the team to win the title.
However, the team needs to strengthen its defense, as well as improve its attack. This can be done only by buying new players.

This is why it is so important to get as much information as possible about the team’s performance. The club has recently been very active in this regard, and has managed to gather a lot information about its results.
The latest data on the team’s results
The club has been very successful in the English Premier League, and the team is considered one the main favorites of the championship. The team has won the title for the second time in a row.
This year, the players of the City have a lot to prove, as they have already lost points. The main goal of the team this season is to finish in the top-4. This will allow them to qualify for the Champions League, where they will play against the teams from the elite.
Of course, this is not a guarantee, but it is still a real challenge for the team, and it is very important to finish the season in the first position.
City’ players have been very busy this summer, and have managed to strengthen their team even more. This has allowed the club to win a lot, and finish in first position in the standings.
Now, the main goal for the club is to win at least one trophy. This means that they have to win gold medals in all the tournaments they participate in.
They can do this, because they have a good lineup, which is able to play well at any time of the match.
Who will be the main candidate for the trophy?
The team has a good selection of players, who can be considered as the main candidates for the victory in the Champions league.
1- Fernandinho. The Brazilian has already managed a lot in the club, and he is considered as one of its main leaders. The player is able not only to score, but also to make an effective pass.
2- Sergio Agüero. The Argentine player has already won the Golden Shoe, and is considered to be one of Manchester City’ leaders.
3- David Silva. The Spaniard has already scored a lot for the City, and can also become a main candidate to win trophies.
4- Kevin De Bruyne. The Belgian player has been a main contender for the Golden Boot for a few years now, and now he is one of City� ’ main leaders, too.
5- Jesus Navas. The Spanish player has recently become a regular in the lineup, and his experience can be useful for the future.
It is important to note that the team does not have a long bench, and its players have to play at 100% to be able to win.
Live scores of the matches of the Premier league
The season has already ended, and there is a lot still ahead of the players. The City has a busy schedule ahead, as it will play in the EPL, as the club has a lot at stake.
As a result, the fans can expect a lot from the team in the future, because it will have to fight for the top 4.
There is a chance that the club will be able not to finish at the top, but to finish somewhere in the middle of the standings, and then qualify for a higher tournament.
If the team manages to achieve this, it will be a real achievement, because this is the team that has won all the trophies it has participated in. It is a real pleasure to watch the live scores of matches of this team. It has already become a favorite of the English championship, and will try to win another trophy in the near future.
Main contenders for trophies
The main contenders of the trophies are:
1 – Champions League;
1 – Europa League;
2 – League 1.
Manchester United is the main contender of the Champions cup, but the team still has a long way to go.
Moreover, the Red Devils have not won the Europa League for the last time, and they are not the favorites of this tournament either.
Despite this, the season has ended in the same way for the United, and many fans are hoping for a better result next year.
Team’ performance in the Europa league
In addition to the Champions Cup, the Europa championship is another tournament that the Red devils are trying to win, but have not managed to do so yet.

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