The Premier league table has been dominated by the teams from the top three divisions of English football. The teams from these divisions have played against each other for the last few years, and the results of the matches have been quite predictable.
The top three teams in the standings are Manchester United, Liverpool and Tottenham. The latter is the most obvious favorite of the season, as the team has won the most trophies and the most points.
However, the team from Tottenham is not the only one that has a chance to win the title. Arsenal and Chelsea also have a chance, but they have not yet managed to win a trophy.
In the Premier league, the teams are fighting for the title of the strongest team. This is quite obvious, as there are only three teams that have more than 100 points in the table.
This is the main advantage of the top division of English soccer. The competition is intense and the teams have a good chance of winning the title, but it is still too early to make any predictions.
All the latest results of top English football matches
The season of the English Premier league has come to an end, and it has been quite interesting for fans of the championship. The final match of the tournament was between the teams that were in the middle of the standings.
Manchester United and Liverpool were the main contenders for the championship title, and they had a tense struggle for the gold medals. The last match of each team was very interesting, as both teams were in a good mood, and their players played with a lot of confidence.

The first half of the match was quite even, and after that the score was 1:1 in favor of Manchester United. However, after the break, the Red Devils started to show some problems, and Liverpool was able to take advantage.
After the break of the game, the score went to 1:2, and this was the decisive match of this season of English Premier League.
Liverpool’s chances of winning
The last match was especially interesting, because the team was in a really bad mood. The players did not show their best game, and there was a lot that could have been done to improve the situation.
For example, there was the need to improve their defense, and a lot was done to this end. However the Reds were not able to get the desired result, and in the end they lost the championship to Manchester United by a score of 2:1.
Of course, it was not the end of the world for the team, but the fact that it was the last match and they needed to win to get into the Champions League zone, made the defeat even more painful.
Team’s chances of getting into the top 4
The team that was in the lead of the table at the start of the campaign was Manchester City. The Citizens had a good start, and although they lost their first match, they were able to fight back and win the next one.
Now, the Citizens have a really good chance to get to the top-4, and if they can do this, they will be able to enter the Champions league zone for the first time since the beginning of the current season.
At the moment, the main question is whether the team will be in a better mood after the defeat. The team has a good lineup, and with it it can fight for the champion title.
Main contenders for gold medals
The main contenders of the gold medal of the Premier League are:
1. Manchester City;
2. Liverpool;
3. Arsenal;
4. Chelsea.
Each of the teams has a strong lineup, which can be used in the championship, and all of them have a decent chance to enter into the zone of the Champions.
One of the main problems of the team is that it does not have a lot to show in the domestic arena. However it has a really strong lineup that can be called a real trump card.
If the team can get into a good rhythm, it will be a real contender for the victory.
Live football scores on the reliable resource
The football season has come and gone, and now it is time to look at the results. The football season is over, and so far the results have not been very good for the teams.
As for the Premier championship, the top teams are: Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea. The first two teams are in the top 3, and these teams have won the gold and the champion medals in the last season. However they have been unable to win in the international arena, so they have to play in the Champions or Europa League. The third team, Chelsea, is the strongest, but its chances of entering the zone are not very high.
It is quite possible that the team of Jose Mourinho will be the main contender for gold. The Portuguese coach has a very good lineup and it can be counted on.
Chelsea has a lot more potential than the other teams, and its main problem is the lack of motivation. The club is in a bad mood, because it is not in the best shape.
Moreover, the club is not playing in the most prestigious tournaments, and as a result, it is losing points in matches with the main favorites of the domestic championship.

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