The Spanish La Liga is one of the most exciting championships in the world. The teams are constantly changing, and the struggle for the champion title is intense. The season 2018/19 is no exception, and it will be interesting to follow the development of the teams’ results.
The new season of the championship is already in full swing, and already in the middle of August the first matches of the new season started. The main favorites of the tournament are Real Madrid and Barcelona. However, the teams are not the only ones that can challenge the Royal Club.

The main goal of the Spanish La liga is to win the title of the best team in the country. This is the reason why the teams have to play in the most difficult league in the Spanish championship. The current season is no different, and this time the main contenders for the title are:
* Barcelona;
* Real Madrid;

* Valencia.
All the teams will try to win gold medals, but they will have to do it in a difficult league. The competition in the championship will be even more intense this time, because the teams that have not won the title in the previous season will be trying to do so.
In the current season, the main rivals of the Royal club are: Barcelona; Valencia; Granada; Villarreal; Getafe; Sevilla; and Real Betis. The first three teams are in the top 4 of the standings, but their rivals are not so far behind.
La Liga 18/2019 Standings
The current season of La Liga has already shown that the teams play in a different league than the previous one. This time, the competition is more intense, and there are no more equal matches. The new season has already demonstrated that the main favorites are Real and Barcelona, but the teams of the Old Continent have a good chance to fight for the victory.
Despite the fact that the season 2018-19 is not the most successful for Barcelona, the Catalans managed to win a lot of trophies. The team has won the Champions League, the Copa del Rey, and also the Spanish Super Cup.
However, the team has not won a single trophy in the La Liga. This year, the club will have a lot more chances to win trophies, because it is the most powerful club in the history of the game.
At the moment, the Royal team is the best in the league, but it is not enough to win all the trophies. It is also worth noting that the Catalons have a very good chance of winning the Spanish Cup. This season, they will try not to lose points, and they will be able to fight against the main competitors.
You can always follow the results of the matches of La ligue 18 on the website of sports statistics. Here, you can find the statistics of the games of the main teams of this championship.
Will Real Madrid Triumph in the Second Half of the Season?
The season 2018 has already showed that the Royal Madrid is not as invincible as it was a few years ago. The previous season, it was the team that was the main contender for the trophy. However this time it is no longer possible to say that the team will win all trophies.
This season, Real Madrid is much stronger than in previous years. The Royal Club is not in the best shape, but this does not affect its results. The club has a good opportunity to win many trophies this season, because this is the last season of its participation in the Champions league.
If the Royal Team manages to win its first trophy, it will become the champion of Spain. The last time this happened was in 1991, and Real Madrid became the champion.
It is worth noting, that the current team is not a real contender for winning the title. However the Royal has a great opportunity to become the best club in Europe. The players of the team have a great chance to win important trophies, and to show the best game of their lives.
As for the rivals of Real Madrid, it is difficult to say who will be the main favorite of the season. The following teams can compete with the Royal:
1. Barcelona; 2. Valencia; 3. Granada.
Barcelona is the main rival of Real, but there are many other teams that can also compete with it. The Catalans have a chance to become champion, but not the way they want. The best way for them to achieve this is to fight in the European cups.
Valencia and Granada are not very strong, but if they have a really good game, they can be a real threat for the Royal.
Who Will Win in the Last Season of the Champions?
This time, it’s even more difficult for Real Madrid to win back the title it lost in the last year. The Madrid team is much weaker than in the past, and many of the players have already left the team.
For this reason, it can be said that the new coach of the club, Zinedine Zidane, will have less chances to lead the team to the victory in the next season.
Many of the fans are not happy with the results, and Zidanes’ departure is one the main reasons of this. However there are still many other reasons that can affect the results.

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