The start of the new season has already brought a lot of surprises. The most important of them is the fact that the Old Trafford of Manchester United has managed to win the championship. The team has been in the top-4 for a long time, but it has managed not to win it for a whole season.
The reason for this is the following:
1. The lack of motivation. The players do not want to lose their places in the Champions League zone.
2. The bad luck of the competitors. Liverpool and Manchester City have already won the Premier League, and the team of Jose Mourinho has not yet managed to get into the Champions league zone. The main problem is that the team has no stability.
3. The poor form of the leaders.
However, the team is still the best in the English championship. This is demonstrated by the fact, that the club has won the title for the second time in a row.

The Premier League table is very interesting, because it is the first time that the top 4 is formed. The teams are as follows:
* Chelsea;
* Manchester City;
* Liverpool;
* Tottenham Hotspur.
This means that the teams will play in the following order:
• Manchester United;
• Liverpool;
• Chelsea.
It is also interesting to note that the Champions of the Old World and the New is the most likely to win. This means that Manchester United is the main favorite of the season. The Red Devils have a good lineup, and it is capable of performing well in all matches.
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In the current season, the main favorites of the championship are Manchester United and Liverpool. The two teams have been playing for the champion title for a number of years. This season, they are playing in the strongest league in the world.
Manchester United is a team of stars, which are able to perform at their best in any match. Among them are:
· Jose Mourinho;
· Cristiano Ronaldo;
· Ashley Young;
and many others.
As a result, the Red Devils are able not only to win, but also to become the champion. The club has a good squad, which is capable to perform well in the matches against the main competitors of the club.
Liverpool is a club of young players, who have not yet had enough time to develop their game. This fact has led to the fact they are not able to show their best. However, the Reds have a strong lineup, which can be called the best of the Premier division.
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What to expect from the Champions?
Now it is quite difficult to predict the outcome of the Champions tournament. The following factors can influence the result of the match:
● The position of the teams in the Premier tournament.
● The level of the clubs in the tournament.
● Individual skills of the players.
If the team wins, it means that it has the best chances to win a place in the next round.
Here, the following teams can compete for the title:
Manchester City; Liverpool; Chelsea; Arsenal; Tottenham.
These teams have already managed to achieve great results in the current championship. However the main surprise of the current campaign is the Champions. The reason for the success of the team in the past season was the fact it managed to improve its results.
At the moment, the club is in the best shape of its career. The leaders of the squad are able, not only individually, to perform better than their competitors, but they also have a positive effect on the whole team.
Moreover, the City of Manchester is in a good shape. The previous season, it was not able even to enter the Champions, but this season the team managed to finish in the first position of its group.
Now the club’s main task is to finish the season in the elite division. The current season is very important for the club, because in the future it will be able to fight for the places in Europe.
Main favorites of this season
The main favorites in the season of the previous year were:
a. Chelsea; b. Manchester City.
Both teams managed to enter in the group stage of the tournament, but the main problem of Manchester City was the lack of stability. This led to a series of defeats in the championship, which eventually led to its relegation.
Despite the fact the team was in the second position of their group, it managed not only not to enter into the playoffs, but even to miss the group stages.
b. Liverpool.
After the previous season the Reds managed to make a good start.

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